Fort Myers Integrated Downtown Redevelopment Strategy


The City of Fort Myers has contracted with the University of South Florida to develop a cohesive strategy for urban design, regulatory revisions and long-range planning for Downtown.


This will be a three-part project that takes a closer look at current development regulations in two areas of Downtown and an investigation of how the Midtown area can accommodate future growth. This study will include meetings with City staff, Advisory Committee meetings, and public meetings.


The first part of this project will include a review of the City’s Downtown and Comprehensive Plans and portions of the Land Development Code, in order to identify ways to update and streamline the regulatory process for future development in Downtown.


The second part of this project will focus on a review and expansion of the Gardner’s Park Vision Plan. The focus will be on overall form and character, the range of infill building types and densities appropriate for the area, and transitions in the scale of adjacent development.


The third part of this project will engage local residents and stakeholders in crafting a detailed redevelopment plan for the Midtown area. The previous plan by enSite will be taken to a greater level of specificity. It will define an urban design framework for expanding Downtown into this area and creating a sense of place.


As this project will address three different parts of the Downtown, it will be important to envision these areas as seamlessly connected, while they continue to retain their individual identity and uniqueness.

City of Fort Myers | Midtown Downtown

Fort Myers Integrated Downtown Redevelopment Strategy